Pink Gum

This cover demonstrates both literal and metaphorical depictions to Pink Floyd – from the overall composition which appears to be so simple and yet on closer inspection is incredibly complicated as each version of the picture is repainted, smaller and smaller into the mirror through to the very specific symbols representing a number of Pink Floyd songs.
The B-boy character with a £ sign hanging from his chain – a nod to the song ‘Money’, or the carton of juice in his hand depicting an apple and an orange – “Apples & Oranges” (1967), perhaps the B- boy smoking a cigar – “Have a Cigar” (1975)... the list goes on! This piece has truly been created out of a deep seated admiration from one artist to another.

Dimensions : 12in x 12in

Materials : Giclee On Paper

Edition Size : 195

Availability: Available

Was: £395.00

Now: £197.50

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